Managing your tooling can be a wasteful hassle. Let our innovative Tru-Edge Kanban (TE-K) program be the automated solution to your tool supply problem.

At its heart, TE-K is a just-in-time (JIT) tool management program designed around your specific application to provide tooling that meets your manufacturing requirements while maximizing sustainability and minimizing costs. Tru-Edge’s Lean (Kanban) program with application-based min./max. quantities of tooling mean you always have exactly the tools you need without the added work of inventory management.

And because you always end up with Tru-Edge quality on your re-sharps, you have the uptime you need without the waste of single-use tooling or the frustration of poor-quality reconditioning.

Here are the steps:

We agree to minimum and maximum levels of tools with you to make sure the right quantity of tools is always in-stock and ready to meet your exact usage rates.

You send your damaged tools at any time to Tru-Edge via convenient shipping boxes.

Tru-Edge inspects your tools and determines what tools need to be recycled and replaced, and which ones can be restored to like-new condition.

Our JIT process automatically supplies a steady inventory of ready-to-use tooling directly to your vending machine or tool crib.

Modifications to the stock levels can be made at any time following a discussion between you and Tru-Edge. Modifications of the kinds of tools covered under the agreement are also available. Additional charges may apply.

Fill in your company information and receive the TE-K informational flier.

TE-K: our flagship solution for high-volume tool management.